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Investment Letter (home)

art-1 : Why Switzerland HOME

Why Switzerland?

Precision, craftsmanship and skill: these are the words most often associated with the "Made in Switzerland” label. Not without reason. Attention to detail and ...

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art-2 : Asset Management HOME

Asset management

Banque Thaler is not a general bank, but one dedicated to portfolio management. Our job is to preserve your assets, generate growth...

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art-3 : A clear and strong balance sheet

Our bank

Originally an asset management company, founded in 1982 by the descendant of a major French family. In 1989 it upgraded its status to a full Swiss bank.

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art-4 : Regulatory Information HOME

Important Information

Recent developments in the liquidation process of Thema International Fund Plc ...

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Coronavirus EN

Dear Client,

As you know, we are currently facing a major health crisis in Europe. This context is completely new. We, as a responsible economic actor, must be up to the deep crisis that we are going through. In this fundamental moment for customer relations, we remain by your side.

We must continue to act and make our decisions while ensuring the health of our employees and ensuring the continuity of our activity. We were prepared for it, and today we are organized and fully mobilized to ensure the continuation of our services.

At the start of the week, we activated our business continuity plan, distributed our teams and implemented teleworking. All of our employees have the appropriate technical means to continue their activities and meet your expectations.

Over the next few weeks, we will need to be collectively flexible and agile in order to act in the best interest of customers.

Your usual contacts are at your disposal for any further information.

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